5 Ways to Make Your Real Estate Transactions Easier

Dated: 01/17/2019

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5 Ways To Make Your Real Estate Transactions Easier


1. Look Through the Eyes of the Other Party


Many times my clients will have almost effortless and stress-free transactions, but I never promise them that will be the case.  It’s always important to acknowledge that the other involved party comes complete with a set of different personalities, items of importance, and communication style. I recommend that my clients always make an effort to see their transaction not only through their own eyes, but through the eyes of the other party as well.  


Everyone wants to feel as if they’re being treated fairly and when they stop feeling that way, that’s often when the tension starts to build. You have items which are important to you in a transaction, but be sure to talk to your agent about what’s important to the other party.  If he/she is a good agent, they will know to establish that via their communication with the other representing agent, if an open communication allows so.


As you roll through your transaction, stay the course and remember your end goal.  I’ve seen clients and agents alike dig in their heels on matters which serve little purpose in reaching their final goal.  Doing so only serves to escalate emotions and make for a contentious transaction. If you know that the other party has some “trigger points”, do your best to avoid hitting those buttons, and finish your transaction with both parties feeling good about working together.   


2.Conduct A Pre-Inspection When Selling Your Home


I  recommend a pre-inspection in many cases.  What that means is that you, as a seller, pay for a professional home inspection before it’s on the market.  If you’re running a race and I told you about a path that no one knows about but which will shorten your run and help you to win, wouldn’t you choose that path?  A pre-inspection is a great way take care of those items which the buyers will most likely use to negotiate money or a reduced price from you. Look at it as if you’re galvanizing your home with a Teflon coating, so anything that touches it will simply slide off without leaving a mess to clean up.  Imagine being able to market your home as a “Blue Ribbon” property with all of the repairs being done and an inspection ready to hand over to your prospective buyers. You just eliminated the fear of the unknown for both you and your prospective buyers. You also just saved them money on an inspection.  Do you think that is worth more when you’re determining the value of your home? If you were buying a home, wouldn’t the nice home with less “unknowns” stand out as being more attractive to you? It can add substantial value and desirability to your home. I tell my sellers that it’s both a beauty competition and a pricing competition and that we need to win both.


3. Determine Your Purchasing Power

When you’re buying a home and beginning the process, speak to a lender and determine what you are qualified to purchase.  This is a great first move because not only will it point you in the right direction and save you time from looking at homes which are not a good fit for you financially, but you will likely hang up the phone understanding the loan process much better.  Again, you’re removing the fear of the unknown.  Another huge perk is that you are likely to learn about loan products which you weren’t aware of, potentially saving you money.  I’ve had clients tell me that they were totally unaware that they could put down such a small down payment to purchase a home. If you have an agent who is willing to show you homes before you’ve done this, you may want to ask yourself if you’re headed in direction of success.


4. Buyers: Find an agent who offers an initial buyers consultation at their office

You have choices when working with an agent. It’s always a good idea to see where they work and get a feel for the culture of the company.  Do they need to meet you at the local Starbucks because their roommates are making too much noise? Do they seem overly anxious to put you in the car and start showing you homes?  A 20-30 minute consultation with an experienced agent can make all the difference in the world. In fact, it can make the difference between you finding a home…. or not. A consultation with an experienced agent will help you to find the home that you want, at the price you want, and within the timeframe that you desire.  Skip this important part of the process and you may find yourself unable to navigate a successful transaction with your agent.


5. Use an agent who offers a professional staging consultation.

One of the biggest concerns I hear from sellers is that they are afraid that their home will not show well to potential buyers.  Wouldn’t it lessen your concerns if you had a professional hold your hand and walk you through that process, room by room? Staging often only involves using everything you already have in your home to accentuate the highlights and help those buyers to envision it as their new home.  

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