When Should You View Your Potential New Home?

Dated: 01/17/2019

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Visiting A Potential Home At Strategic Times Can Tell A Different Story.

So you're house shopping and you've found a property that you really like.  I recommend that you visit that same home at various times throughout the day and night to ensure that there are no unexpected surprises.  

8 A.M. is a good starting point because that is rush hour.  Time your commute or your drive or walk to public transportation access.  

Mid Morning will give you a good idea of how quiet (or otherwise) your neighborhood is during the day.

3 P.M. or perhaps a little earlier should clue you in on school traffic and possible noise, depending on school proximity.

5:30 P.M. for a test of your commute home from work.  With the advent of user-driven navigation apps such as Waze, it's always a possibility that an overflow of traffic may be directed through your neighborhood.  That's a good thing to know.

Weekend evenings to be sure that one of your neighbors isn't a party King or Queen, unless that's your cup of tea.  Is there ample street lighting and do you feel safe?

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