5 Critical DO's & DON'T's When Selling Your Home

5 Critical Do’s & Don’ts  When Selling Your Home

DO pay for a professional home inspection BEFORE you put your home on the market

Surprisingly enough, this is a seldom used technique and it works!  By knowing up front   what your buyers’ likely objections will be, you can beat them to the punch by 

A. Repairing the items in question or

B. Adjusting Your Asking Price

2. DO NOT turn a blind eye to potential items of issue. Just because you do not think it’s a problem, it doesn’t mean someone else won’t.  Always put yourself in the shoes of your buyers. Imagine if the seller handed you an updated inspection report.  They just saved you substantial money and increased the trust between both parties as you move forward.  As a seller, it also assists to “galvanize” the asking price against those buyers and their agents who may try to chisel away at your price during their inspection period. 

3. DO use a REALTOR who offers staging services. Staging often helps you to get more money for your home within a shorter time period.  This doesn’t mean that you have to move out all of your furniture and incur high staging fees.  Often times we are able to use the furnishings already in your house and simply give you a “homework list” so that your home shows with maximum impact.  

4.  DO make your home as visible as possible AND as easy to show as possible.  Allow your agent to install a professional yard sign to maximize drive-by visibility.  In addition, give your agent permission to install an technologically advanced security lock-box.  This is not the combo box from Home Depot which many agents use, but a more secure tool to ensure that only licensed agents can access your home, but only on your terms.  With specialized tracking technology, you will always be up to date on who will be showing your home.  Finally, be sure to use an agent who offers a 24 hour scheduling service for your showings.  You do not want to miss a potential sale because your real estate partner is not answering phones.  

5.  DO NOT overprice your home.  It’s tempting to “start high” with the idea that everyone wants to negotiate, but this is one of the most common mistakes that sellers make.  By overpricing your home, you will receive less offers and risk having to begin the slippery slope of reducing your price.  The most vital time when selling a home is in the first few weeks.  A properly priced home is exciting for buyers and often results in multiple offers for you.  It’s much better than receiving no offers, missing the window of opportunity, then having to reduce the price as your home gets “stale”, like a loaf of bread.  

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